COVADIS Virtual Summit IX - September 24th 2021

COVADIS Summit IX Group Photo
Schedule: September 24th, 2021, Friday - Virtual Summit
Time Zones:Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)
9.00amWelcomeC. Noel Bairey Merz (US)
9:03amINOCA International – A Patient’s PerspectiveMaria George (UK)
9:07amCase Presentation: A ‘Simple Case’ of Stable Angina & PCI
  • 58 yr old healthy park ranger with 3 months of typical angina (outpatients)
  • ETT – subjectively & objectively positive for ischemia at high workload
  • CTCA ‐ moderate mid‐LAD disease
  • Invasive angiogram ‐ FFR (LAD) = 0.74 → mid‐LAD PCI
  • Post‐PCI Angina – CCS‐II angina on 2 antianginals (bisoprolol and nicorandil)
  • ETT ‐ subjectively & objectively positive for ischemia at slightly lower work
  • Functional angiogram ‐ widely patent stent, FFR = 0.85, CFR = 2.6 IMR = 35
  • ACh provocation test ‐ focal epicardial spasm, resolved with ic GTN
  • Bisoprolol → verapamil ‐ symptomatic improvement at follow up

Carl Pepine (US)
Novalia Sidik (UK)
9:15amDiscussion: Atherosclerosis & Role of Coronary Vasomotor Dysfunction
  • How should the FFR=0.74 be interpreted?
  • What was the pathophysiological mechanism responsible for the pain?

Filippo Crea (DE)
Stephan Achenbach (DE)
Nick Curzen (UK)
Roxana Mehran (US)
9:30amDiscussion: Post‐PCI Angina Diagnosis
  • Was the Post‐PCI angina a consequence of the PCI?
  • How do you interpret the coronary functional studies?

Peter Ong (IT)
Allen Jeremias (US)
Jennifer Tremmel (US)
Chris Zeitz (AU)
9:45amDiscussion: Vasospastic Angina Therapy
  • Should the beta‐blocker have been ceased?
  • Do nitrates and nicorandil have a role?

John Beltrame (AU)
Sang Hong Baek (SK)
Vijay Kunadian (UK)
10.00amDiscussion: Coronary Microvascular Dysfunction Therapy
  • What next if verapamil/nicorandil doesn’t control the angina?
  • Should aspirin, statin and ACE‐inhibitors be prescribed?
Udo Sechtem (DE)
Javier Escaned (ES)
Peter Damman (NL)
Eva Prescott (DK)
10:15amSummatory ReviewColin Berry (UK)
Hiro Shimokawa (JP)
10.25amClosePaolo Camici (IT)